Who Has Your Back?

Jen Borucki | September 13, 2016

A recent family emergency made me think about how much we need to rely on other members of our team, especially heading into the busy fall show season.

In my case, I was truly blessed to have my colleagues in magnify™ offer to support outstanding projects in order to provide me some much-needed time off to take care of very pressing family matters.

We can’t always anticipate the unexpected. Here are some ideas to help you be ready when real life enters into your show preparations.

  • Realize that as much as you try, sometimes you simply can’t be there. The show must go on. And you probably could be there if it’s a minor illness or injury. But what will happen if you absolutely, positively cannot be on the show floor when those doors open? For the sake of your business and your own state of mind, have a contingency plan ready, just in case.
  • Identify a second in command. Even a third or fourth will do. Someone needs to fill your shoes. You can prepare them for the challenges ahead when you make sure they are part of the planning process.
  • Partner with companies you can trust. This is where a centralized resource can really help the process. Your team will need to juggle many balls while you are down for the count. Help them do that by providing the best exhibit marketing partnerships possible.
  • Document everything. The last thing you need is to try to remember details when your mind is elsewhere. Do yourself and your colleagues a favor and keep good documentation to support your project. And make sure your people know where to find those files.
  • Be reasonable. Back in the 90’s was the heyday of the disaster recovery movement. I remember chuckling when someone from my company (not MG!) actually was making plans to continue business from his own home in case something awful shut down our facility. Did I mention, he lived very close to the building? Not necessarily a bullet-proof plan, which is why it ultimately expanded significantly to involve out-of-state resources and archives in salt mines out west. Keep it simple and make sure your plans address realistic scenarios that your team is likely to encounter.

Hopefully this advice will help keep your team moving ahead if the unexpected happens. And to all my magnify™ family – thanks for having my back when I need you most!

Jen Borucki, HMCC, is a Marketing Communications Specialist for MG Design, a global full service experiential marketing partner with complete turnkey design, fabrication, marketing, service and labor offerings to successfully create experiences that enrich our clients, our team, our community and our world. In addition to answering your RFI/RFP questions, Jen also provides copywriting services through MG’s internal marketing services agency, magnify™. She recently obtained Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certification through MPI.