The EXHIBITORLIVE 2016 Countdown: 5 Days Until Show Opens!

Jen Borucki | February 24, 2016

We’re in countdown mode now, as we get ready for three exciting days at EXHIBITORLIVE 2016 in Las Vegas. This is the week we live both as a client AND as our own experiential marketing partner, watching months of hard work culminate on the show floor.

So as we proceed on our journey to Booth #1225 on the show floor, what takeaways can we offer you on the client side?

The importance of good planning cannot be understated. Starting early makes a huge difference to the end product. Know exactly what you need to accomplish.

Having a theme is great, but remember – it’s all about the experience. People were so excited when the MGU concept was unveiled. For our CEO, Mike Grivas, it is important that we not present ourselves as a university but rather present ourselves as creators of a great experience for show attendees. Words to live by.

A great location on the show floor brings an extra layer of preparation to the process. Last year, our booth was more remotely-located and we had to drive traffic to the space. This year, we have a great location right inside the exhibit hall doors. We have to prepare for a whole new set of challenges, considering how the anticipated traffic will impact our physical space as well as our staffing and hospitality needs.Relax and have fun! Sure, there will be some frenzied moments as we work through the myriad of details to bring MGU to life. But if we are going to present the best face of MG to all of our guests, we need to take full advantage of this wonderful face-to-face medium.

Trade show and event marketing presents an opportunity like no other to merge all five senses into one fantastic experience. And we’ll have plenty of time to sleep when those show doors finally close!