Simplifying Your Call to Action: Squashing Information Overload

Nancy Johnson | April 6, 2017

When you know your brand, there’s an understandable pride of ownership that energizes everything you do. But it is best to temper that enthusiasm when it comes to framing your call to action.

Simplifying your call to action means you can’t think like a marketer. You have to think like a customer. And most customers don’t want to know everything you do. They want to know why it matters to them. While choice seems like the most customer-friendly solution, beware the tendency toward information overload when speaking with your client.

Consider your own reaction when you are faced with too many choices. What happens?

  1. Too much choice is exhausting and fuels indecision. When faced with too many choices, the easiest thing to do is to put off the decision and not to choose.
  2. Too much choice leads to people going with the tried-and-true instead of trying new things. Marketers ultimately seek to influence a change in behavior. You need to encourage innovation in order to effect that change, whether it involves switching brands or embracing a whole new way of doing things.
  3. Too much choice ultimately costs you money. From added revisions to your messaging and promotional pieces to the time your staff must spend with prospects to define your value proposition, complexity drains your limited resources.
  4. Too much choice makes it seem like you don’t know what will work. Who wants to buy from the company that throws everything up on the wall and sees what sticks? Thought leaders offer compelling solutions targeted to the customer.
  5. Too much choice makes it easy to select someone who makes the direction clear. If you won’t give them focused options that address their core concerns, a competitor will be happy to.

Flexibility means accommodating your customer’s stated needs, not offering every possible option under the sun. If you maintain confidence that you are offering the best solutions to address your customers’ needs, they will too!