Preserving YOUR Environments: Simply Better Stewardship of Your Brand

Jen Borucki, Research Strategist | September 20, 2017

The last few weeks of natural disasters have drawn everyone’s attention to the environment. They have also helped to create a renewed commitment to good environmental stewardship. Makes sense. After all, our lives are inextricably linked to the environment in which we live.

It struck me a few minutes ago how many parallels we can draw between good stewardship of our natural environment and the good corporate stewardship we can make toward our business environments.

As we look to the enduring investment residents have begun to make in rebuilding and preserving their communities, let’s not overlook the critical role investing in our corporate environments can make when compared to these environmental buzzwords:

  • Sustainability – Of our business and our brands. Consistency of brand remains a critical element of effectively communicating who we are and what we do to every one of our publics. How do our corporate interiors (physical properties, visitors’ centers and museums, to name a few) and exteriors impact the sustainability of the good will associated with our brands?
  • Reduce – Conflicting messages that interior and exterior spaces can send to our clients, staff and even our competition. Do our brands serve as a natural force to be reckoned with or, like the month of March, do we roar in like a lion but fade out like a lamb? Never overlook the power of the first impression in how critical publics size up the power of our brands.
  • Reuse – the marketing vibe driven by our strategic plans to ensure consistency of brand at every point of contact. Are we telling one story or are we sending out conflicting messages about who we are?
  • Recycle – the great learnings we’ve obtained from our traditional and experience marketing programs to drive that MUST LOVE corporate environment. The unique and compelling branding statement that tells our story aesthetically, through a multi-sensory immersion that makes every stakeholder part of who we are. And certainly makes the competition cower.

Good stewardship of any environment is never a passive concern. And when our brands depend on it, there is nothing like a dynamic and memorable strategy that literally brings a brand home.

And to those impacted by the recent storms and wildfires – please know that our thoughts and prayers go out to you!