MG Visits FIT in NYC

Rob Majerowski | February 18, 2016

I’m fortunate to work in the dynamic exhibit and event marketing industry where every day is a different challenge and every successful winning project is a huge adrenalin rush. While our industry can be pressure-packed and stressful at times, the reward for helping our clients and seeing our creative marketing & design concepts come to life in 3D is priceless.

This business certainly looks way different than it did when I entered it back in 1990. The design tools, construction materials, and interactive technology have changed greatly over the years, but one thing that remains the same is the need to generate ideas quickly and communicate them clearly to your audience (client, team members, mom…). This is a critical aspect of our job that young designers need to understand and master.

I recently had the privilege of being invited to New York City to conduct a one-day workshop with the students in the FIT Graduate Exhibition Design Program. At the request of program chair, Brenda Cowan, I was given the opportunity to lead a one-day design/sketch workshop in order to give the students some real-world advice on generating quick ideas and communicating those ideas in a concise logical manner. We had fun working through a quick team-brainstorming exercise.

Teams of students received an exhibit design brief and worked together for 2 hours of initial raw concepting before presenting their initial direction to the class. Not only did the students need to generate ideas, but they also needed to divide out presentation tasks. The goal was to impress upon them that the best way to get your great single idea is to start with a whole bunch of them.

MG Design understands its place in the industry and realizes that helping educate the next generation of exhibit design professionals is not only a smart business opportunity, but an industry responsibility. Through our Mike Grivas Senior Exhibit Design Excellence Scholarships, we strive to give back to the educational community monetary awards to help deserving students pursue continued excellence in their exhibit design education. Helping train the next generation of exhibit professionals, or at least giving them a peek behind the curtain on our industry, is a privilege that I hope recurs for me in the future. I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect with these “kids” and help prepare them for their career in exhibit design.