It Feels Like the First Time!

Betty Kasper | February 26, 2016

Unfortunately, life gets in the way of where our heart’s desire wants to be. For me, it has been several years since I have had the opportunity to be on the show floor of ExhibitorLive. I am excited and yet apprehensive…will I know how to present myself and our company in the best light, will I ask the correct questions, will I be a help or a hindrance, will people remember who I am. So many ifs and yet so much to gain. I know the feelings I am having are not new to anyone working on the tradeshow floor or in this environment.

Preparation, goals and being yourself are so important. I always feel that you are who you are and pretending to be someone you are not, is one of the worse things a person can project to others.

I have had the great privilege of working in this industry for more years than some of you may know. It has changed, grown, and morphed into an industry of no longer the “good old boys” but a true face-to-face marketing tool. Where else can you kick the tires, see and compare so many products and build relationships that sustain the test of time.

It is a creative, challenging, exciting, nerve-racking world we live in. Where else does anyone get to see a project from conception to finalization in a very short period of time? That holds true no matter which side of the desk you sit on. We are designers, architects, creative agencies, fabricators, shippers, installers, etc. all working for our client and their internal clients. Making our clients look good in the eyes of their superiors is our job.

I love what we do, I love who we are and I love the crazy world we live in. Here’s to a great and successful 2016 Exhibitor Live for one and all.