Is Your Process KISS-able?

Jen Borucki | June 2, 2016

Process isn’t a four letter word, but sometimes we treat it like it is.

Process drives everything we do. For those involved in trade show and event marketing, we have a process for selecting shows, a process for driving traffic to our booth and engaging our visitors. We even have a process for unwinding after show closes. (Sometimes that’s the best process of all!)

Once we have a process in place – even a cumbersome one – we’re hesitant to change it. Fear of the unknown is a powerful motivator for status quo. We start to do things because “that’s what we’ve always done.” Nothing stifles innovation like those five words!

In our attempts to expect the unexpected, we sometimes lose sight of the variable most likely to lead to success – simplicity.

We all know the acronym KISS. Maybe it’s time to add some “KISS-able” freshness to our processes.

A wise man once said, “Give me 6 people and 6 months and I can save you $6 million dollars.” And guess what – he can do it, every time!

He may not know how when he begins, but before long team dialogue will find and address the smoking gun called complexity. Unnecessary complexity makes us less efficient at what we set out to do and ultimately costs our business time and money. Complex processes are more likely to fail because there are just too many moving parts.

Want to save yourself the consultant’s fee? Find six motivated people in your organization and apply the 6-Month Challenge yourself. Some ideas to get your team started:

  • Identify pain points. We all have them. Brainstorm ways you can accomplish the same end result while working smarter. Be ready to justify process improvements in terms of savings in time and money.
  • Work smarter, not harder. Deconstruct complex processes into a series of deliverables. Identify how many steps it takes to manage each phase and see where you can streamline the process. Reducing extraneous steps will also reduce the chance for error.
  • Upgrade technology where it makes sense. As our CEO says, there’s a difference between tech rich and tech savvy – we should never apply technology for technology’s sake. However, there are a variety of great tools available that can link teams, improve communication and reduce duplication of effort. What applications make sense for your business needs?

Two of the biggest concerns facing business today are time and budget. Given the impact this 6-Month Challenge can have on both, you have every reason to KISS complexity good-bye and put your processes back to work for you!

Jen Borucki, HMCC is a Marketing Communications Specialist for MG Design, a global full service experiential marketing partner with complete turnkey design, fabrication, marketing, service and labor offerings to successfully create experiences that enrich our clients, our team, our community and our world. In addition to answering your RFI/RFP questions, Jen also provides copywriting services through MG’s internal marketing services agency, magnify™.