Global Tips from the Client Side

Laura Taylor | November 16, 2016

By Guest Contributor Laura Taylor, Professional Relations & Events Nestlé Nutrition

Many of us remember the environmental mantra, “Think globally, act locally.” But did you ever realize how appropriate that sentiment is to global trade show and event marketing?

In my role as Professional Relations and Events with Nestlé, I ensure regional teams have access to emerging industry trends and best practices for engaging healthcare providers at Congresses worldwide.

How can you influence that dynamic in your company?

First, think globally:

  • While there are regional considerations to be sure, global companies need to maintain brand consistency around the world. Have you clearly communicated standards and guidelines to the teams who make your local events happen?
  • Regardless of where an event takes place, guests may come from many countries. Your staffing plan should include team members representing points on the globe that speak to your audience in direct, practical terms.
  • Confidence is the universal language of trade show and event marketing. It can be inspired in a number of ways – from how your staff dresses and acts and their professional knowledge to the cleanliness of your booth environment. Take the time to train your staff. It will make a difference in the goodwill you generate by your presence.

Second, act locally:

  • Rely on your local markets to share the perspectives that influence their success. If your industry is heavily regulated, there are important considerations that must be addressed in order to maintain compliance. Take the time to research these concerns and make sure your market-level expertise helps shape the experience you’ll create on the show floor.
  • Depending on where your show calendar takes you, there can be critical differences in how your booth comes together. Materials used, local talent, rules and regulations – these can vary significantly from market to market. Make sure you pick an established exhibit partner who knows the ins and outs of your country and venue.
  • There can be sizeable differences in investment between countries. But remember, the value of your show isn’t just measured in currency. It’s measured in how well your exhibit meets local goals for achieving your objectives.

The world is your oyster when you see positively to the engagement experience you have created to ensure a memorable journey with your staff. It’s a complex job – but a rewarding investment when you see people all over the world reacting to your brands and engagement strategy!

Editor’s note: If you’ve appreciated Laura’s words of wisdom, listen to her podcast recorded on the “MGU Campus” at ExhibitorLive 2016. Visit

In sync with our commitment to bringing great experiences to the show floor and beyond, MG is pleased to invite some unique client-side perspective courtesy of Laura Taylor. Laura marries decades of product experience with 7 years of hands-on trade show and event marketing expertise in her role with Professional Relations and Events for Nestlé. In addition to serving as a valued team member and resource for Nestlé’s Congress marketing engagement programs, Laura is an avid student of and contributor to the trade show industry.