Conquering the Digital Divide in Experience Marketing

Ben Hermsen | May 2, 2017

When you think about it, the digital divide in experience marketing is not much different from the digital divide our nation’s policy makers contend with on a public level. The goal for both is to ensure the best outcomes through better access to technology.

On the show floor, a strong digital presence once set players apart from their competition -- but times have changed. Digital engagement has become more mainstream, cutting through the noise on the busy show floor. And its reach has extended to events and even within a branded interior like a corporate visitor center or museum.

What should you consider if you don’t have deep pockets but need an effective digital presence?

  • Digital as the supporting player, not the star. It’s never a good idea to do technology for technology’s sake. Whether you choose a massive video wall, looping content on individual monitors, a touchscreen interactive, projection mapping, gamification or any of the other cool and impactful tools available to tell your story, it’s the story itself that matters. Work with a partner that is intent on making the most of your investment using digital innovation that is on point, on brand and on budget.
  • Can we use our existing assets? Look for ways to leverage existing assets in a new and exciting way before you go to the added expense of creating all-new content. This isn’t a matter of cut-and-paste, however. If your assets were created for one screen size and you switch to another, additional work is needed to deliver a product worthy of bearing your brand name. Streamlining the number of players who will touch your content will also help ensure a deliverable that works well on show site. Make sure your partner is fully read in on where the monitors will be placed relative to your guest’s eye to make sure to optimize visual appeal at the best value.
  • How big does the A/V closet need to be? Traditional solutions often required a dedicated space on-site for cabling, equipment and technicians to run each screen. It might amount to a guy in a closet who regularly pushed a button to activate the content. This, combined with the need for 24-hour power, could result in solutions that were simply outside the budget for many.
    Every day, I’m able to offer our clients innovative solutions powered by a media player that is compact, easy to use and doesn’t require elaborate cabling or technical expertise. Quite a game-changer when you get back valuable floor space while still maintaining a dynamic digital presence!
  • Call the tech team early and often. Make sure the talent you hire is committed throughout the process, from concept through execution. Integrating your technical team into the process early-on will ensure all your ducks are in a row. Sourcing the right technical support on-site should also be part of the strategic plan for every show or event.

Challenge your technology partner to develop a solution that helps your brands truly stand out on the show floor.