The Future of Design

Rob Majerowski | January 5, 2017

It’s hard to beat a day in New York City. There aren’t too many places more vibrant or alive with energy. This city is a design and architecture mecca and a wonderful place to gain all sorts of creative inspiration. And a few weeks ago I got to see that creativity on display at the Fashion Institute of Technology, one of America’s pre-eminent design schools.

FIT was conducting their Graduate Exhibition Design Thesis Capstone Event. This is where the graduating class of budding exhibit designers gets the wonderful opportunity to present their thesis projects to a diverse cast of exhibit industry professionals. These graduates had spent the entire previous semester brainstorming, researching and designing their thesis project and had the entire story and concept on display for all of us industry types to review.

At the beginning of the day, I could sense some nerves in the graduates, but as I walked around the room listening to their dissertations and descriptions, I could only admire their dedication to their thesis and the comfort and confidence they gained through repeated presentations.

Being able to connect with the next generation of exhibition designers is something that MG values; we definitely feel the need and desire to do what we can to prepare the next generation of exhibit professionals for their entry into the workplace. Not only is it a smart business opportunity, but we feel it’s also an industry responsibility. We frequently partner with both FIT and Bemidji State University in Minnesota, conducting class projects and sponsoring our Michael Grivas Sr. Exhibit Design Excellence Scholarships, where we strive to give back to the educational community monetary awards that help deserving students pursue continued excellence in their exhibit design education.

My firsthand experience in NYC proves up that the FIT program is in great hands, being led now by Christina Lyons. It was a great pleasure to be invited to participate in this event and to the 2016 FIT graduating class, I say congratulations and welcome to the industry!

Editor’s note: MG featured the perspective of FIT graduate and MG Scholarship Award Winner Elizabeth Gressel in our library of podcasts recorded on the “MGU Campus” at ExhibitorLive 2016. Visit for insights from Elizabeth and five other industry thought leaders.

Rob Majerowski is an industry veteran who leads MG’s talented team of architectural and graphic designers as VP of Creative. He guides his crew to successfully marry form and function with technology and messaging to help build client brands anywhere in the world their shows take them. His management style creates a culture of collaboration that produces truly distinctive exhibit experiences that connect our clients to their audiences. Rob regularly shares his insight in focused presentations to design students and the industry at large.