Best Practices for Running a Social Media Campaign-Part II

Megan Wells | February 26, 2018

Last week, we went over the first five practices for running a social media campaign. We focused on setting timelines, promoting events with hashtags, and more. This week, we will round out the list with five more tips and tricks to help your next social media campaign hit the ground running.


Cross promote! Blindly posting the same thing across all forms of media will fall short. Take the time to research your audience on each of the platforms and share the same message in a slightly different way accordingly.  Additionally, more than 56% of adults use more than one social media platform- encourage them to connect with on more than just one of yours.   For example, if you have an event page on your website with some valuable info for users, link that on a Facebook page to bump up your impressions and possibility for more social sharing.  Have an awesome photo?  Tease them on Twitter to head over to your Instagram to check it out!


Statistics say that in 2016 organic reach on social media fell 42%.  Gone are the days of minimal investment and high rewards.  Put some dollars behind boosting those social media posts to targeted audiences.  You’ll be amazed by the increase in impressions.


Go live at your event!  Don’t be afraid of the candidness of live streaming.  It can be a little intimidating at first, but take the time to find the right person on your team to lead the efforts.  In fact, that’s the beauty of social media-it doesn’t have to be perfectly polished.  It makes your brand more relatable and will grab the attention of those scrolling through their newsfeed.


Keep the conversation going post-show while your brand is still fresh in their minds.  This can be a great opportunity to follow-up with efforts like email, direct mail & more social media posts.  Not sure what to say?  Share photos, announce contest winners, or just thank them for coming!  You’ve put in the time and now it’s time to do some business and reap the benefits of those new relationships.


One of the best part of social media campaigns is that the results are trackable.  Take the time to assess your efforts and determine who was engaging and how often.  Where did your post thrive and where did they fall short?  This will assist in even more successful future efforts.  


Being successful in the social media playing field requires much more than a simple Facebook post or two. Though it can be easy to rely on quantity over quality when it comes to social media posts, taking time to consider and plan each post will maximize the impact of the campaign as a whole. Being committed to the success of your campaign before, during, and after the event by using these strategies is crucial if you want that success to become a reality.