A look forward in to best practices, trends, ideas and insights for face-to-face marketers worldwide.

The Power of One

John Patten | March 12, 2018

How to ensure that you're picking the ideal partner for all of your professional needs.

Look How You've Grown!

Ann Marie Burke | March 7, 2018

mg's Ann Marie Burke shares tips on starting early to define and refine your measurement program.

Best Practices for Running a Social Media Campaign-Part II

Megan Wells | February 26, 2018

More recommendations for social media success during every part of your campaign.

Best Practices for Running a Social Media Campaign-Part I

Megan Wells | February 20, 2018

Recommendations for success before, during, and after your tradeshow or event.

Observations from the Chicago Auto Show

Ben Olson | February 13, 2018

Thoughts on the good and the not so good

How Will You Move Me?

Joe Sadler | February 7, 2018

Want to drive momentum for your brand image? Consider the power of motion.  Let’s face it -- our industry flourishes when we command all the senses to engage our guests at a very primal and meaningful level. How we take that in – that’s the heart of motion.

Where in the World is Danika?: Reflections from Lisbon

Danika Stelton | January 23, 2018

The end of the year- it's usually the time where you find yourself reflecting on the 11 months prior.  For me, this December was the exclamation point at the end of a huge year of change for me.


Let's Get Regional

Becky Lyyski | January 17, 2018

Many of our clients are adding literally hundreds of localized opportunities to their show calendars. How do you help your field reps effectively tell your brand story at a more focused show or event?

Cutting Through the Clutter- What Trends Matter in 2018

Ben Olson | January 9, 2018

What are the hottest trends to watch for in 2018?  One that captured my attention came with the headline, “Death of the Brand.” Honestly, as one who’s grounded a career and a company in building brands worldwide, I was compelled to read on. If not the brand, then what are you selling?

Where in the World is Danika?: Inspiration from Prague

Danika Stelton | December 19, 2017

Within seconds of landing in Prague, I knew this was going to be a magical place. Despite having just spent 4 weeks in near perfect weather, with a vibrant sea inches away from the work space in Split, I was eager to explore new this city with a rich history and an abundance of architectural inspiration.

Champions of Change in 2018

Michael Grivas | December 12, 2017

To remain competitive in a changing environment, we all need to step out of our individual comfort zones.

Together We Can Do More

John Henken | December 7, 2017

Promoting brands effectively in today’s global marketplace often means multiple creative partners are thrust together and must learn to work with one another under intense circumstances. This type of collaboration requires all involved to link arms and play nicely with one another in our shared sandbox to create something wonderful for our client and their customers.

The Right Tools in the Right Hands

Ann Marie Burke | November 27, 2017

Your trade show’s success depends on your ability to create awareness, drive attendance and influence action. And not just with any attendee, but the ones that make up your brand’s targeted audience.

May You Have Goodness

John Patten | November 14, 2017

This is the time of year when we share the opportunity to give thanks for the many blessings we have in our personal and professional lives.  But even at that, it goes without saying that many who read this are dealing with real life issues that make it seem like each and every day is a struggle.  Most, if not all, of us face varying degrees of this thing we call “life”.

Where in the World is Danika?: Thoughts from Split, Croatia

Danika Stelton | November 7, 2017

Someone asked me a question a few months ago that would change the course of my life. “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” I’ll hold while you think of your own answer to that question…

Food for Thought

Ben Olson | October 24, 2017

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, if that’s the case, a taste would have to be worth ten thousand.  Actually, getting your target audience to experience the sight, the smell and the taste of your product is truly an immersive experience.

All Star Performance – Old Dominion Case Study

Ann Marie Burke | October 18, 2017

Old Dominion (OD) became the official freight carrier of Major League Baseball in April 2017.  Their goal was to think bigger than what they’ve done before and align the OD brand with the MLB brand as much as possible.

Engagement Strategy is Job One!

Jen Borucki, HMCC, Research Strategist | October 11, 2017

If someone builds a better mousetrap, they will come – right? Sadly, the answer is no. Especially in today’s global economy and 24/7 news cycle, customers and prospects are inundated by thousands of stimuli a day.

Launching Your Permanent Environment for Lasting Impression

Bonnie Hansen, CMP | September 26, 2017

Is your organization considering a physical “refresh”…maybe a lobby re-branding…an innovation center…an interactive kiosk…or a more permanent display of some kind?  All of these installations are great means to convey your brands and initiatives and to provide the most impactful visitor experience at your locations. This is a big deal.

Preserving YOUR Environments: Simply Better Stewardship of Your Brand

Jen Borucki, Research Strategist | September 20, 2017

The last few weeks of natural disasters have drawn everyone’s attention to the environment. They have also helped to create a renewed commitment to good environmental stewardship.

I Got Nothing! Inspiring Innovation When Your Tank is on Empty

Jen Borucki, Research Strategist | September 6, 2017

You know the drill. The project that has been staring up at you from your desktop for a week now. You need a brilliant idea. Yet so far, nothing is coming.  Time is ticking away.  What will you do?

Part II: Turn your Marketing IN!

Bonnie Hansen, CMP | August 30, 2017

Last week, we focused on creating a compelling launch event to keep your employees informed and enthused. This week we focus on two more interactive events that can help you bring enthusiasm to your cross-departmental exchanges and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Turn Your Marketing IN!

Bonnie Hansen, CMP | August 23, 2017

Over the next two weeks, we will discuss three employee events that can help build an internal brand team. This week we will focus on internal launches

3 Things that Complicate Everything

Jen Borucki, Research Strategist | August 8, 2017

Simplicity is something we should strive for every day of the year. It’s been our theme at mg for 2017 – and honestly, it works.

Permanent Environments: Establishing Your Identity at Home

Paul Kloeckner | August 1, 2017

We can dazzle potential clients and impress them on the show floor or at a well-conceived event. This will all fall flat if the client tours the facility and the identity and culture of our company isn’t properly represented.

Hanging Signs: Are They Always the Answer?

| July 25, 2017

A trade show completely overtakes all your senses, like walking through a bank of slot machines in a busy Las Vegas casino. So, the question is “How do you STAND OUT and be SEEN?”

(dis)Functional Dialogues

John Henken | July 18, 2017

Functional dialogue is key to moving any human effort forward. Without it, projects either move at a snail’s pace or not at all!

Research, Indiana Jones Style

Jen Borucki, HMCC, Marketing Communications Specialist | June 26, 2017

How do you create great rapport with a new prospect? Act like an archaeologist.

Your Booth as a Brand Storybook

Ann Marie Burke | June 13, 2017

Stories make powerful connections. And they can do that in a variety of ways; the spoken word, the written word, photography, video, sculpture… and they can be told by a trade show booth.

Staff Training: Change the Conversation. Change the Results

Megan Wells | June 6, 2017

Training is a buzz word that unfortunately has a few connotations tied to it that aren’t exactly positive.  So how can you change the perception and drive greater results on the trade show floor?

Simply Resilient

Kelli Steckbauer | May 9, 2017

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.  Did you ever wonder if Dickens was describing a Tale of Two Cities – or a Tale of Experience Marketing?

Conquering the Digital Divide in Experience Marketing

Ben Hermsen | May 2, 2017

On the show floor, a strong digital presence once set players apart from their competition -- but times have changed.

How Do YOU Define a Simply Great Event?

Bonnie Hansen, CMP | April 26, 2017

How can you get more leverage with your event program?  Here are three ways to make a big impact.

Simply Better Leadership

Marci Banks | April 18, 2017

Atlas held the weight of the world on his shoulders.  What a guy!  Organizations today can learn a lot from him.


Simplifying Your Call to Action: Squashing Information Overload

Nancy Johnson | April 6, 2017

Consider your own reaction when you are faced with too many choices. What happens?

simply.enthusiastic! Students Collaborate at ExhibitorLIVE 2017

Ryan Scholtes | March 28, 2017

As lead designer on the simply mg™ exhibit, I was excited to interact with our guests. And on this particular day, a special audience was sharing the experience with me.

simply.staffing: 6 Steps to Success

Megan Wells | March 21, 2017

As our resident in-house staffing strategist and coach, I know what CEIR data tells us:  85% of success comes from the quality of the on-site team.

A Great Experience!: simply.marketing

Ann Marie Burke | March 8, 2017

There is something about an amazingly simple message that goes straight to the heart of the matter that can literally take your breath away.

Measurement & Metrics: simply.illuminating

| February 27, 2017

Think of metrics as street lights on the highway to success. They shine light on where you are and where you’re headed, adding definition to the darkness.

Does this HAVE to be so Complex?

Ben Olson | February 21, 2017

We all know the 80/20 principle – 80% of your business comes from the top 20% of your clients. But that relationship isn’t limited to sales figures alone.

The Future of Design

Rob Majerowski | January 5, 2017

It’s hard to beat a day in New York City.  There aren’t too many places more vibrant or alive with energy.  This city is a design and architecture mecca and a wonderful place to gain all sorts of creative inspiration...

Research the !@#* out of Every Event Detail!

Sheila Bryant | May 5, 2016

Being an event planner can also be called being a researcher. The mantra is research, research and then research some more. Here are a few thoughts on what you should research and why.

Being Human in the Digital Age

John Henken | May 12, 2016

Our Design Director was a featured speaker at the recent TAD Talk event at Bemidji State University. His topic was "Being Human in the Digital Age" and here is what he had to say.

Finding Value in Past Learnings

Ann Marie Burke | January 10, 2017

Whoever said that past performance is no indicator of future value did not work in the face-to-face marketing industry!

Why do a Post Show Staff Survey?

Eric Easthon | May 31, 2016

Counting leads is the usual measure of success in determining the value of a show. But, don't forget about the key info your staff can provide in rating the show's effectiveness.

Marketing in Latin America - A Revisit

Kelli Steckbauer | June 7, 2016

Is it fair to group these countries together when talking about business, marketing and trade shows? We've explored their differences before. Now let's explore their similarities.

Drilling Deeper Into OTC Part I

Ben Olson | June 23, 2016

Not familiar with the show? OTC draws nearly 60,000 visitors from around the world who work in the oil and gas business. Walk the show floor with the MG team to learn more...

Drilling Deeper Into OTC Part II

Ben Olson | June 30, 2016

At larger shows smaller and remote spaces require more strategic solutions. Even a 10x10 booth can provide a great experience, it just needs to be planned, promoted and executed well.

Summit Success

Gaby Hernandez | July 7, 2016

Over 1,200 marketers from around the globe attended the Experiential Marketing Summit in San Francisco. The inspiration alone was worth the trip. Read more for a few of my takeaways.

Event Planners Need to Think Differently

Sheila Bryant | July 19, 2016

How many times has your boss or client come to you wanting new ideas. Bigger and better ideas than all of the previous events combined. The key is to think different, not bigger.

Exhibiting in the Land Down Under; A Glimpse of Australia

Kelli Steckbauer | July 28, 2016

Designing and building in Australia is very similar to the U.S. But they do have a number of labor laws to keep in mind. Read more for tips and tricks as well as some sightseeing ideas.

Capstone 2015: FIT NYC

John Henken | August 4, 2016

MG's John Henken mentors design students at the Capstone 2015 event at FIT in NYC. Here is his experience with the future of the exhibit design industry.

My Summer with MG and its Entire History

Ann Marie Burke | August 11, 2016

Our Summer Marketing Intern, Elizabeth, created a digital archive of MG's rich 56 year history. She was a keen observer on what changed at MG and in the industry as a whole.

It Makes Sense to Use the Senses!

Sheila Bryant | August 18, 2016

Touch, sight, sound, taste and smell all enhance the personal emotional experience. Here are a few considerations that run through my head when planning a most memorable event.

Attendee Mind Reading 101

Ann Marie Burke | September 1, 2016

Trade show success is more than products and personnel, it is being able to understand what's really on the mind of the attendee.

4 Messages your Customers Want to Hear when they Visit your Exhibit

Betty Kasper | September 9, 2016

To grow your business make sure your messaging is in alignment with what your customers and prospects want to hear, not just something we want them to hear.

Just the Facts, Ma'am!

Jen Borucki | September 22, 2016

The RFI/RFP you sent out a month ago comes back with glowing generalizations that make each respondent sound like the guy who invented sliced bread. How do you sift through the fluff?

Destination Dubai: Success without the Stress

Kelli Steckbauer | September 27, 2016

If Dubai is a destination on your calendar, MG helps you make the most of your exhibit experience. De-stress for success by understanding how to manage your builder partnership.

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Jen Borucki | October 6, 2016

Experiential Ambivalence (EA) is a serious malady spreading across show floors around the globe. Without prompt intervention, the prognosis is bleak. See if your program is at risk.

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Action

Nancy Johnson | December 20, 2016

There is one real difference-maker that sets you apart from your competition...

Lets Get Personal

Jen Borucki | December 6, 2016

Face-to-face marketing provides unparalleled opportunities for one-on-one engagement. Is your exhibit or event strategy ready to take the personalization plunge?

How To Get A Game Time Slam Dunk

Jen Borucki | October 13, 2016

Unforeseen obstacles are an inevitable part of trade shows. Fortunately, we have tips to help you turn that road block into a mere speed bump!

Trick or Treat: What's in YOUR bag?

Jen Borucki | October 27, 2016

Your trade show and event marketing partnership is like a trick or treat bag. What kind of surprise do you expect to find inside?

Expectation Take a Back Seat in the Fine City of Singapore

Kelli Steckbauer | November 12, 2015

Deb, a Global Account Manager at MG, visits Singapore for a client booth build at GasTech 2015. Her high expectations were well rewarded.

Increase your "Return on Thanksgiving" by 25%

Jen Borucki | November 25, 2015

As part of your year-end review process you probably look to statistics like ROI and ROO. We would also like to recommend that you look at your Return on Thanksgiving!

Have You Ever Entered "The Trade Show Zone"?

Jen Borucki | January 11, 2016

The Trade Show Zone is a place outside time and space where attendees walk right by as if you aren't even there. Learn how to avoid falling into this new dimension.

MG Visits FIT in NYC

Rob Majerowski | February 18, 2016

Our own Rob Majerowski recently visited FIT to conduct a one-day design/sketch workshop to give the graduate students some real-world advice.

Events in the Engagement Equation

Bonnie Hansen, CMP | February 10, 2017

How should events play into the overall mix? Certainly this aspect of the planning shouldn’t be considered as an afterthought...

The EXHIBITORLIVE 2016 Countdown: 5 Days Until Show Opens!

Jen Borucki | February 24, 2016

EXHIBITORLIVE 2016 is almost here! While there are still a lot of last minute items to finalize we wanted to share with you 4 takeaways to help you in your planning process.

It Feels Like the First Time!

Betty Kasper | February 26, 2016

Our own Betty Kasper, an industry icon, is going to EXHIBITORLive after a few years away. Read her thoughts on the growth of the industry and her love for all things experiential.

Continuing Education @ MGU: The power of trade show PR

Ann Marie Burke | March 4, 2016

Trade show media relations is a frequently overlooked tool that can bring much added visibility. MG's media material stood out amongst the 20+ PR kits at EXHIBITORLIVE 2016. Read how.

Measurement 101 @ EXHIBITORLIVE

Ann Marie Burke | March 9, 2016

The first study session at MGU was a measurement primer that gave attendees strategies they can use to improve their exhibit program and advance their career. See what we discussed.

Design 'Speed Dating' at the University of Illinois Design Job Fair 2016

John Henken | March 16, 2016

Learn more about the day MG's Creative Director, John Henken, spent reviewing U of I Design student portfolios and coaching them individually in 20 minute intervals.

Reflections on College Days [ExhibitorLive 2016]

Ben Olson | March 31, 2016

MG's Ben Olson shares a few thoughts/lessons from their recent show.

Port-a-ble [noun] 1. a version of something that can be easily carried.

Becki Lyyski | April 6, 2016

While a portable display is small it can have a big impact. Consider these helpful tips to make sure you get the best value for your budget.

Global Tips from the Client Side

Laura Taylor | November 16, 2016

Many of us remember the environmental mantra, “Think globally, act locally.” But did you ever realize how appropriate that sentiment is to global trade show and event marketing?

The Best Means to the Best Idea

Michael Grivas | November 8, 2016

How do you cultivate a team environment that spurs people to believe something special is always possible?

How Are YOU Tackling CES 2017?

| October 18, 2016

The clock is ticking down for next year’s show. So what can YOU do to be better prepared for CES 2017?

Tackling "Last Day of Show" Challenges

Jen Borucki | September 28, 2016

The last day of show is typically a slow traffic day for exhibitors, with many attendees using this as a travel day. How can we still make this day productive for our tradeshow?

Don't Become Another Statistic

Jen Borucki | September 20, 2016

Numbers help us draw the broad strokes as we adjust our “Four P’s” to meet our clients’ needs. But relationships are built off more than statistics.

When Every Dollar Counts

Nancy Johnson | September 7, 2016

How do you keep those tradeshow costs in line? Here are some tips I’ve developed over the past 20+ years I’ve been part of this industry.

Who Has Your Back?

Jen Borucki | September 13, 2016

We can’t always anticipate the unexpected. Here are some ideas to help you be ready when real life enters into your show preparations.

It's an Adventure!

Kelli Steckbauer | August 31, 2016

After traveling to Durban, South Africa, I hope the great experience resulting from my careful planning can be applied to your next international show.

Investing in YOUR Success

Jen Borucki | August 23, 2016

Maintaining your knowledge base is critical – but what about your trade show and event marketing partner? Are they investing in the skills needed to ensure your program is the best?

Taking Your Exhibit Staff to the Next Level

Megan Wells | August 9, 2016

The Olympics Opening Ceremonies are history and the countdown has begun. How many medals will your team take home? Your next event is really your own “mini-Olympics," right?

Care for a Little Trade Show Pokémon Go?

Jen Borucki | August 16, 2016

If you’re looking for evidence that integrated marketing campaigns work, the case study is writing itself before your eyes. And the subject– the phenomenon known as Pokémon Go.

Learning from the Past, Fueling the Future

Rob Majerowski | August 2, 2016

Millennials will continue to drive trends far into the future due to their sheer numbers and zeal. They are hungry to learn more as they expand their scope of influence.

Is Rental the Right Option for YOU?

Jen Borucki | July 26, 2016

The decision whether to rent or own can be complicated and you should never feel compelled to choose rentals as a matter of course.

The View from Vancouver

Michael Grivas | July 20, 2016

MG was asked to speak at the OSPI Annual Meeting in Vancouver to over 200+ partners with the goal of helping them understand best practices exhibiting in the U S of A.

Portables: One Size Doesn't Always Fit All

Megan Wells | July 12, 2016

One of the benefits of exhibiting at a tradeshow is the guaranteed amount of space you’ve paid for to create your display. But what about those uncontrollable spaces?

Picking the Best Partner for YOUR Needs

Jen Borucki | July 5, 2016

If your plans include seeking a new partner to help you navigate the waters for your end-of-year shows, here are some thoughts on making your RFP process work for you.

Podcast Series: Peer-to-Peer Sharing

Laura Taylor | June 29, 2016

Maybe you’re new to this industry. Or perhaps you’re like me and you want to glean any insights you can from others who understand your incredible journey.

Safeguarding Confidentiality on the Show Floor

Jen Borucki | June 22, 2016

We lock our homes and password protect our homes. Does this same level of security extend to your brands and employee privileged information on the trade show floor?

What's Your Partner's Personality Profile?

Jen Borucki | June 8, 2016

What if there was an online "trade show" dating profile? We're in the relationship business,right? Shouldn't we be doing business with companies that match our company's personality?

Is Your Process KISS-able?

Jen Borucki | June 2, 2016

Process isn't a four letter word, but sometimes we treat it like it is. Of course, process drives everything we do. But do your processes withstand the KISS challenge?

Creativity Has No Bounds!

Danika Stelton | May 23, 2016

Danika Stelton, talks about her recent trip to the University of Illinois where she had the privilege of introducing students in the Industrial Design program to the tradeshow industry.

Get on Board the Maker Movement

Ann Marie Burke | May 17, 2016

The Maker Movement is an unstoppable force that is here to stay. Read more for thoughts on how your brand can get on board.

EMS 2016 in Denver; Definitely a High-Altitude Experience

Ann Marie Burke | May 11, 2016

Face-to-face marketing is truly an unstoppable force as this year's success stories and next year's trends were shared at the 2016 Event Marketing Summit in Denver.

No Prospect Left Behind

Jen Borucki | April 29, 2016

Did someone mention the need for a post-show plan? Read more about moving the relationships that start on the trade show floor further along the sales pipeline.

Be the Change You Want to See

Kelli Steckbauer | April 26, 2016

MG's culture encourages our employees to be agents of change. Our entire industry benefits when people come up with a better way of doing things.

Is Your Booth Built to Sustain?

Jen Borucki | April 18, 2016

Being good stewards of our planet affects everyone, including trade show and event marketers. What can you do to improve your focus on sustainability?