Ongeëvenaard [Unparalleled] BRAND CONSISTENCY

區域 [Regional] EXPERTISE

مركزية [Centralized] CONTROL


The World is YOUR Stage!

mg is your passport to success, whether your event is in San Diego or Singapore, Denver or Dubai, Vegas or Venice - or both, or all at the same time!

International trade shows on 6 continents

mg brings design and brand consistency wherever in the world your show is.

North American trade shows for global players

We’re here to help you succeed across the United States.

Worldwide Events

Bringing brands and audiences face-to-face is what we do – anywhere!

International Environments

Our experience in branded environments reaches across the globe.


Two Brands & a Product Launch
Industry: Healthcare
Booth Type: Rental
Show Type: Program, Global, Exhibits


A Flexible, Three Year Plan
Industry: Consumer
Size: 400-1,000 SQ. FT.
Booth Type: Custom
Show Type: Global


Constructive International Collaboration
Industry: Technology/Security
Size: 1,000+ SQ. FT.
Booth Type: Custom
Show Type: Global


The Rain in Spain doesn't come from these Clouds!
Industry: Technology/Security
Size: 1,000+ SQ. FT.
Booth Type: Rental
Show Type: Global


Strategic Development

Our team of creative and engagement experts marry form and function to drive the ideal visitor experience and integrated design solution.

One World. One Story.

Master storytellers deliver global brand consistency intertwining messaging with compelling digital content to meet every need and budget.

Centralized Account Services

With your single mg point of contact, you’ll enjoy mg’s Single Source Simplicity™ and the program, logistics and financial convenience you demand and deserve.

End-to-End Service

In the U.S., mg has strategically insourced every function, while internationally, mg’s trusted global network extends our full-service experiential offerings.

A Global Process Designed Around YOU

We’ll work collaboratively with your team to develop your engagement in a manner relevant to local customs, capabilities, climate and economy.

Building YOUR Trust

Our team and our partners take an active role in each project from concept through reality to help make the most of your face-to-face investment.

Exceeding YOUR Expectations

You’ll appreciate mg’s commitment to meeting deadlines, hands-on knowledge of markets, financial responsibility and local subject-matter expertise.

Boundless Inspiration

Trust mg for industry-leading service, satisfaction and global expertise you can count on.