ONE Comprehensive Partner

ONE Collaborative Vision

ONE Successful Formula

Single Source Simplicity™

mg Knows Food & Bev: Taste the Difference!

Trade show and event marketing offers you and your brand a unique opportunity to build
relationships that simply aren’t available through other channels. mg’s experience can help
enhance your relationship with your target audiences across the country and around the world.

Collaboration is Our Key Ingredient

At mg, we not only put our experience to work for you, but we look to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship working WITH you.  Together, we can create engaging, relevant and memorable guest experiences.


Our Menu Exceeds Expectations

While the trade show floor is where you’ll often find us, we’re just as at home creating a series of meetings or events that engage your guests or building a permanent environment in your facility for enlightened learning interactions with your customers and prospects.

Single Source Smorgasbord

mg brings you the simplicity, efficiency and firepower essential to be your single all-inclusive partner for your every face-to-face marketing need.  Every element, every need, every location, mg brings full course service to the table.

Food for Thought

It’s our industry knowledge that sets mg apart from traditional exhibit houses.  Beyond the show floor, we’ve become indispensable marketing partners for many of your industry peers, creating not only integrated marketing campaigns, but industry white papers, exhibition manuals and thought leadership marketing materials.

Here’s Just a Sample…

Your product samples are anything but “just a sample!”  mg is experienced in creating environments that support the sampling of products from prepackaged all the way to chef-prepared in an mg-created kitchen on the show floor.  And, our Midwest facility is an FDA licensed food warehouse, so we’re ready for your samples before, during and after your event.


We’re Your Natural Choice

We’ve been fortunate to partner with a number of organic and natural products companies.  We understand the natural difference and our campaigns and environmental designs reflect the benefits and unique selling propositions of our unique partners.

CHR Hansen

Size: 400-1,000 SQ. FT.


Size: 400-1,000 SQ. FT.

Organic Valley

Size: 400-1,000 SQ. FT.

Enjoy Life

Size: 1,000+ SQ. FT.



mg’s family of clients includes some of the most well-known and respected brands on the planet. We help these brands in B2B and B2C environments as they engage face-to-face with their audiences. We understand the industry associations, the exhibitions and the audiences with decades of experience across a wide range of clients, shows, events and activations.


One look at our portfolio and you’ll discover how we’ve organically grown our relationships with a group of organic and natural products companies. From initial exhibit programs, many of these relationships have grown to include fully integrated marketing campaigns and audience engagements as well as mobile tour creative and asset development. It’s been a natural evolution!

Food Ingredients

At the heart of the food industry is the food ingredient segment that provides the elements that start the food chain. From IFT to Supplyside West and beyond, our clients know mg as a key ingredient in face-to-face engagement success. Our understanding of this segment has led to thought leadership event and asset development campaigns as well as on the show floor engagements.