Bringing you Single Source Simplicity™

mg is your complete face-to-face marketing partner, offering a full A-Z line-up of in-house services. From strategy to design, account leadership to show services, technology to graphic production, fabrication to I&D/Logistics, mg is the only partner you need for all your exhibit, event, environment and engagement needs.

Bringing you Single Source Simplicity™

mg is your complete face-to-face marketing partner, offering a full A-Z line-up of in-house services. From strategy to design, account leadership to show services, technology to graphic production, fabrication to I&D/Logistics, mg is the only partner you need for all your exhibit, event, environment and engagement needs.


Strategic Program Development

What is your ideal guest experience? Through comprehensive needs analysis, unparalleled research support and competitive audits, our magnify™ strategists leverage experiential plan development and touch point road mapping to ensure your engagement strategy is spot on every time.

Integrated Marketing Planning

Making the most of your face-to-face marketing investment means keeping your name at the top of their to-do list, pre-, at- and post-event. Our integrated marketing expertise will create sound messaging to drive a compelling dialog that builds relationships and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Measurement & Metrics Development

Proving the value of your experiential program doesn’t have to be a burden for you. Let MG help take the stress out of measuring, compiling, analyzing and reporting your program’s results.

Staffing, Talent & Training Solutions

We can help round out your staff with hired professionals, and help coach your own staff to deliver winning on-site performances through customized, comprehensive, training solutions.


Environmental Design

MG’s exhibit/event design team blends form with function, experience with engagement and tactile with technology to design just the right environment to engage your audiences.

Agency Creative & Content Creation

Our agency team can assist from contributing one element to your program, all the way creating an integrated marketing platform to support a single event or an entire annual experiential program.

Thematic, Messaging & Copy Development

Our creative experts excel at telling your story in a way that captivates your target audiences, attracting attention, building awareness and defining your competitive advantages in a clear, concise and compelling fashion.

Digital & Multi-Media Design & Production

Our content development approach is a difference-maker in conveying your sales story, with a dynamic interplay of images and graphics that reinforces your position as a thought leader while encouraging meaningful dialogue between your guests and your staff.

Technology/Digital Solutions

Exclusive MediaGO Plug-and-Play Digital, Lighting, Motion Control

Presentations don’t build relationships, conversations do. Our proprietary and unique MediaGo™ solutions integrate visual content, sound, lighting and motion with a non-linear storytelling approach that spurs conversations while affording significant advantages in terms of cost, cabling and space needs. MediaGo™ puts the power of digital in range for virtually any budget – with scalable support to meet your needs.

Turnkey AV rental hardware packages

No need to guess what equipment you will need with MG’s turnkey hardware rental packages. Cutting edge technology featuring 4G monitors and sound systems powered by our exclusive MediaGo™ players will add a dramatic digital element to any exhibit or event with special package pricing.

Full Content Development: Digital, Interactive, Audio and Kinetic

Great hardware, on its own, cannot deliver impact without great content to back it up. MG’s digital team designs and produces experiences that interest, involve and immerse guests in your brand.

Intelligence Management and Integrated Measurement Solutions

In an increasingly competitive environment, ensuring your investment nets the greatest return to your organization is critical. At MG, we craft your visitor experience to drive results and then we help capture, measure, analyze and report on that success for your stakeholders – helping build credibility for your program and for you as a professional.

Program Management

Strategic Program Analysis and Planning

Our expert team manages every aspect of your program, from concept through execution and back-end follow-up, to ensure each element of the execution is in line with your needs and objectives. You benefit by confidence and peace-of-mind supported by industry-leading standards for service and satisfaction.

End-to-End Program Management

Our account teams are your goto’s to provide the strategic support you need. mg also goes beyond, by offering the convenience of enhanced virtual concierge event management services.

Show Services Management

The behind-the-scenes problem solver on the show floor, our Show Services team manages everything from vendors and invoices to routine maintenance and emergency services so you don’t have to. This talented team makes sure everything is seamless, painless and accurate, enabling you to focus on what really matters – your guests.

Portables Program Management

Who says size matters? At mg, your portables receive the same high level of attention as your larger island and inline booths. Our customized online ordering tool offers 24/7 access to your team, saving you time and money, while our qualified Portables experts provide exceptional service for your program every day of the year.

Fabrication / Production


The craftspeople in our multiple production facilities take their artistry to new levels in wood and metal, transforming design dreams into stunning realities wherever brands meet their audiences.


Our internally printed textiles give you the benefits of high impact and high efficiency. And our fabric framing, stitching and lighting artisans ensure your elements are always tight, taut and radiant.


Whether imprinted on hard surface or textiles, thin or thick substrates, square or profile cut, our regional, state-of-the-art printing and CNC finishing ensures your graphics are on-time, on-budget and on-the-mark.


Think of the LED screen as the canvas of today. mg’s digital artists create interactive elements that engage, education and entertain, enhancing your brand image and creating messaging masterpieces.

Exhibit Rental

Custom “Tailored” Exhibit Rentals

We challenge you to tell the difference between mg’s custom and rental exhibits! Our designers create tailored rental exhibits designed just for your brand, but without the commitment of ownership.

MG Express Rentals

mg’s regionally deployed, high-impact line of Express Rental Exhibits offer turnkey (right down to carpet and technology) rental options that save time, drive efficiency and build positive impressions.

AV Equipment Rentals

Why invest in technology that will be outdated within months of purchase? mg’s hardware rental packages let you ensure your digital presence will make use of modern equipment that not only tells a compelling story, but reinforces your cutting-edge commitment to your stakeholders and your target audience.

Complete Rental Program Management

Whether you need an Express Rental Exhibit or a custom design, your program is in good hands with mg rentals. We will coordinate every detail to ensure your properties arrive on time and are ready to go when you are. We even offer optional Installation and Dismantle/labor and show services to further enhance the meaningful value to you.

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Event Management

Strategic Plan Development

Managing the myriad of details surrounding an effective event depends on a strong strategic plan, developed by our expert event team. Through enhanced research, analysis and competitive audits, we define how to accomplish your objectives as we create an event that is ownable, memorable and enlightening.

Comprehensive Program Management

Of course, our events are managed with our trademark Single Source Simplicity™ -- offering end-to-end service from site and destination management to building an awareness campaign. Experience it all from one trusted full-service partner with one convenient bill to pay.

Environment Design & Production

The sky is the limit when our innovative designers and fabricators create the architecture that will support your engagement strategy. Whether you will need to create one compelling environment or leverage a variety of set changes to accomplish your goals, trust mg to come in on spec, on time, on budget and on brand.

Full AV, Staffing and Talent Services

mg has the tools, talent and technology to create an out-of-this-world experience for you and your guests. Timing is everything in events production, so trust our staff to coordinate every detail of the on-site experience, from creating a dynamic AV presence to managing your staff and talent.

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Account Management

Heading up our environments team is an award-winning professional with a long history creating compelling branded and educational environments for clients around the world. From account services to design and execution, every element of your experience will work together to tell a compelling brand story.

Branded Environment Design

Your creative team creates intelligent brand experiences that leverage architecture, graphics and technology to tell your story to your clients, community or stakeholders. From visitor centers to museums and more, our creative team has the tools, talent and technology to educate, engage and enlighten your audience.

Creative Services

Our creative team has to tools, talent and technology to inspire innovative messaging that compels the action you seek, from reinforcing your brand proposition to educating, engaging and enlightening your audience. Our expert storytellers are ready to take your brand experience to a whole new level.

Fabrication through Installation

Master craftsmen and craftswomen work with the latest materials and building techniques to create a building interior worthy of your brand. Using the best union labor teams to bring your vision to life, mg controls the entire process to bring your vision to life exactly as you imagined.

Integrated Marketing

How will you announce your new environment to your client base, internal and external stakeholders and the media? Let mg help you begin meaningful dialogue with your audience through smart integrated marketing campaigns driven by your objectives and budget.


Technology plays an increasingly important role in your engagement experience. Our expertise in content creation and the hardware needed to convey your messaging further enhanced by our innovative MediaGo™ solutions can help you make the best use of your space while providing a dynamic digital presence for your guests.

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magnify™ services

Our magnify™ engagement marketing group provides the marketing, creative and technology tools to amplify your brand experience well beyond the footprint and timeline of your event. Our full service creative staff includes design & production (digital, print & video), messageing development & copywriting, presentation development and staff and talent scripting.

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Labor, Logistics & Beyond

Our OWN Nationwide Labor/I&D Teams

The best city managers and labor crews in the top 3 convention cities (Las Vegas, Chicago and Orlando) as well as 20 additional markets nationwide are at your disposal 24/7, 365 days a year. Our vetted partner network provides similar service, managed to MG’s exacting standards, anywhere in the world where we don’t have a physical presence.

Nationwide/Regional Warehousing

Our strategically located production and warehouse facilities mean that mg can manage your properties in order to minimize your transportation expense and carbon footprint. Our proprietary iPad-based inventory system ensures your properties always ready to go when you need them.

Show Supervision Services

Local city managers understand the rules and regulations to ensure your exhibit or event experience is always in compliance with local requirements. They are experts in your venue, your city and your brand.

Event Logistics & Operations Services

You name it – mg’s skilled staff is ready to exceed your expectations with the best local resources to get the job done. From end-to-end, mg has your program in hand and manages every detail to give you peace of mind regardless of the scope or scale of your event.

Global Services

Domestic exhibiting for global brands

North American trade shows can be among the most complex in the world with a variety of moving parts that must sync together for exhibit success. We have the tools, talent and technology to create a compelling experience for your brands and the local market knowledge you need to ensure your exhibit experience is compelling and in compliance with all local rules and regulations.

Global exhibiting for domestic brands

To assure brand consistency around the globe, account and design services will be managed directly by mg. We will coordinate every other facet of your program through our hand-picked and vetted international network with our trademark Single Source Simplicity™, providing you a single point of contact and one-bill convenience.

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